Our Services

HFL provides the services and products within the following categories

Consultancy services

Our consultancy services ranges from innovations, enterprise performance, operations improvement and business process management. We aim at ensuring performance improvement as well as helping our clients create value in their businesses. HLF guide and nurture the performance of your business, using principles that will ensure a smooth running of your business.
We can help you with:

  1. Business Compliance Requirement (Annual Returns, Tax, Insurance, Audit, etc.)
  2. Contract Packaging (Technical / Commercial bids, NipeX Registration, Contract Mgt., etc.)
  3. Enterprise Setup (Company Registration, Feasibility Study, Business plan, etc.)
  4. Secretarial Services (Company Secretary, Property Acquisition, Church Registration, etc.)
  5. Research Services, Innovations, Business Improvement and growth
  6. Process Management and Controls
  7. Risk and Compliance Operations
  8. Business Operations Modelling

Management services

We develop as well as implement time tested solutions to challenges in controlling, coordinating, organizing and planning. Competence and effectiveness are the main goals of our management services. Our services are tailored to suit the three levels of management often found in organizations, focusing on work improvement and productivity, process flow, communications and administration.
We offer:

  1. Business Re-engineering and growth
  2. Strategic and Operational planning
  3. Project Management and Process Checks
  4. Management and Leadership
  5. Performance improvement
  6. Management Application Services

Christian Business Management (CBM) Training

Havilah Fons Limited in partnership with the Men of Praise International Fellowship (MPIF) offer the Christian Business Management (CBM) Training. CMB is a course to disciples the saints of God to set up, execute and manage business (work) using kingdom principles of wealth creation, maintenance and management. The training is for new and existing Corporate Organizations, Churches, Families, Individuals, etc.
Courses include:

  1. The will of God in Business
  2. The Entrepreneur and Work as a Ministry
  3. The Kingdom of God Enterprise Core Values
  4. How to Create, Implement and Manage Enterprise Models
  5. Execution, Maintenance and Management of Kingdom Enterprise (Field Work)
  6. Benefits and Evaluations

Human Capital Development Services

Our human capital development aims at delivering demonstrable business benefits as well as maximizing the value of human capital. In this category, services such as corporate culture audit / envisioning, compensation structuring, management and career development approaches, job evaluation / grading, transformation, information systems, competency profiling, performance management frameworks, HR strategy as well as organizational design / development are offered. We help our clients achieve capability management of their most important assets -employee. We organise workshops to cover the following areas among others:

  1. Procurement, Material and Inventory Management
  2. Effective Communication, Interpersonal Relations Skill, and ITC Competences
  3. Performance Improvement through Stress, Work Life Balance, Good Etiquette and Time Mgt.
  4. Finance / Cash Management, Bank Reconciliation, Reporting and Budget
  5. Project, Contract and Record Management
  6. Leadership, Retirement, etc.

Marketing Services

We provide marketing services that will ensure your company/business stands out from competitors. We ideally tailor our clients' company or business to keep up with the latest trends. Our marketing services accommodates the entire marketing chain Product → Solution Promotion → Information Price → Value Place (Distribution) → Access. Key concepts of our marketing intervention include: Quality assurance, Ethics, Brand management / awareness, Effectiveness, Research, Strategy, Social marketing (identity, promotional contents, events management, Printing, and the Internet) and much more.
We offer:

  1. Outsourcing Opportunities
  2. Sales
  3. Marketing Plan Responsive to Opportunities and Competitive Pressure
  4. Clients Services and Relations Management
  5. Growing and Retaining Customer Strategy

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