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Havilah Fons Limited (HFL) is a multifaceted company set up to serve as a resource centre of excellence in the world of enterprise. HFL operates as a change agent, creating value based on the business principles of the kingdom of God. HFL provides the high-quality products and services, delivering higher value to our clients.

As a leading, top-tier management consulting firms, we focus on delivering innovative solutions to the most complicated and operational problems. With an array of seasoned professionals pulled together from different fields of endeavour such as Accounting, Finance, ICT, Tax, HSE, Law and Human resources, we handle any job anywhere in a prompt, professional and cost-effective manner to satisfy our clients.

At Havilah, we are proud to contribute to the enhancement, growth and development of our clients. Effectiveness and efficiency remains the goal of our management service transactions. HFL’s vision is to multiply kingdom enterprise values within the kingdom domain and to the world an awesome mystery for change in the marketplace. God bless you!

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Our Corporate culture

Core Values

We operate core values that are based on the principles of the kingdom of God. These values are the principles of life in Christ Jesus and include among others; that very service is performed to the glory of God, making righteousness our service brand, every staff is a valued partners (co-owner) in the business, we work to harness and preserve the earth resources, etc.

Quality Culture

We have an itch for excellence which has made us pay detailed attention to superior quality. We approach every new project, with a commitment to excel in our previous records on quality. Our quality approach is driven from the fact that our work will be tested by the parameter of eternity. Therefore, HFL management is keen and committed to high quality services and products.


We have a responsibility to our clients to provide effective solutions to their needs. We give this our best knowing we are indeed working for the Lord of glory, not just our client. For this reason, HFL is responsible to make sure each client is satisfied.

Community, Health, Safety and Environment

We operate under a well-regulated community, health, safety and environmental conditions to promote our quest for high level uninterrupted and excellent service performance. God is our refuge and strength, in Him we dwell in safety. Therefore, HFL is committed to a Zero Incidents goal, healthy work force, environmental and community friendly operations.

Why we are involved

We are involved in the world of enterprise in keeping with the kingdom principle to keep and dress the garden. Our Lord Jesus Christ showed us the way and enjoyed us to do more of the kind of works that He did. HFL is committed to service as a source of glory to God, a tool to expand the kingdom, to ensure sufficiency in the house of God, make the earth habitable, etc.

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